Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hanumanomi Custom Omi

Created for “FACES OF INDONESIA” AN OMI DIY CUSTOM CONTEST”, I've titled the piece HANUMANOMI (DOCILE) / HANUMANOMI (ENRAGED). Like a coin, the two Omi's are presented back to back. The design is inspired by images of HANUMAN, the Hindu Monkey God. Though I have no idea what Hanuman’s roll is as a deity, I love rich visual language of the Hindu religion. It’s very inspiring.
The name itself is simply the mash up of the names, "Hanuman" and "Omi".
Presented by : Plastic Culture, Munky King, and Damn! I Love Indonesia.

Acrylic on Plastic
Approx. 2.25" x 3"

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Photo Blog

So, on top of the Igneus Gero blog, I've erected a Tumblr Photo Blog.
It'll just feature pics I take with my camera phone. Mostly of shit that I'm working on, or whatever catches my eye. It'll essentially be my way of venting my need to voyeurize myself. So please check it out!

Just so you know, I have not intention of neglecting good ol' "Igneus G" here.
I plan on using this to preview all my finished works before I throw them on my facebook page.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sharky Fin Soup

Friday, May 20th, 2011 will celebrate the opening reception for "GETTING BIG!!!" a custom "Sharky" show, curated by Keith Poon of ToyQube, and hosted by ToyTokyo at the Showroom / TT Underground. Keith Poon, designer of the "Sharky" (as featured in the art toy documentary "Vinyl Frontier") has assembled an impressive cast of artists to customize the 3ft version of his signature toy.
Featured artists include: Ron English, Tristan Eaton, KaNo, Keith Poon, Frank Kozik, Luke Chueh, Jason Freeny, and more.

Opening Reception: Friday, May 20th, 2011 (7pm - 11pm)
May 20th, 2011 through May 29th, 2011
ToyTokyo / TT Underground Gallery
91 Second Avenue (Next to 5th street) New York, NY 10003
Luke Chueh & Keith Poon
Acrylic on Fiberglass, Plastic, and Cast Resin
Approx 36" x 30" x 24"

Monday, May 16, 2011

Root Down Part 2 (Drawing)

Acrylic and Ink on Paper
50cm x 40cm

This May, I was invited to contribute a painting for the "Enchanted Forest" show, curated by Yasha Young & Giovanni Cervi, and hosted by Strychnin Gallery Germany. The show was created to promote 2011's recognition by the United Nation’s as being the International Year of Forests". From what I understand, "Year of Forests" is an event whose motives are for the recognition of our forest lands, one of our truly essential resources, in the hopes of halting deforestation around the world. This will will be my first time for me to show anything in Germany.

To compliment the shows tree/forest theme, I chose to revisit, my paitning, "Root Down".

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 13th, 2011
Boxhagenerstr. 36.
10245 Berlin