Monday, July 30, 2012

Elementary School Is Hell (Izod, Not Le Tigre)

This August, Munky King will host "Memories Are Made Of This" a group art show curated by friend of the gallery, Super Cooper Berella. The theme of the show is 'childhood memories', and after giving it some thought, I decided to create a piece inspired by my elementary school class photo. In essence, it's a self portrait of me from 1983-85.
The painting features a bear with a classic bowl haircut, standing in front of a classic sky blue background. But the thing that takes me back is the gold and red Izod polo shirt he's wearing. 
Back in the 80's class distinction could be determined by the logo you wore on your shirt (and from what I can tell, things haven't changed after all this time). At the top food chain was Le Tigre (which featured a leaping tiger as a logo) next was Izod (now known as Lacoste, featured the crocodile), and if I recall, the bottom of the barrel was Britannia (whom used the bottom half of a Union Jack as a logo).
Considering the cruelty of children, I caught hell from the Le Tigre kids, and this is why I made sure to include the Izod logo in the painting.
Tragically, this will also be Munky King's last art show at their Melrose location.

Ugly Ugly Doll

 When I was invited to contribute a design to Giant Robot's Ugly Doll Remix Project, I simply couldn't say no. Ugly Doll has grown to icon level status, and the shear simplicity of the design makes it one of the few non-platform toys I consider worth customizing.
When it was time to get to work, I deduced that the one thing the Ugly Doll actually isn't, is "ugly". So, I decided to make mine live up to its name.
I started by stripping it of its playful colors and giving it a beige and pink "flesh tones".  I then painted all its horns and bumps to resemble zits and sores. I finished it off by adding some of my own hair to the tips of its "ears". I call the creation the "Ugly Ugly Doll".

Monday, July 9, 2012

SDCC 2012 Signing Schedule

I've got signings scheduled throughout SDCC (except for on the preview and on Sunday.
Munky King (Booth 4939) will be debuting and releasing "Target", out third major release (Limited to 250). Squid Kids Ink (Booth 5137) will be releasing a limited edition hand customized version of my "Emo Bear Murderworld" 10-doh (Limited to 100), and Hi Fructose (Booth 5137) will be releasing a silkscreen print on wood of my painting "Root Down" (Limited to 50).
I'll also be doing a "Bearing The Unbearable" book signing event on the first day at Giant Robot (Booth 1729). This booth also features "The Ugly Doll Remix Project", a show I co-curated with Giant Robot.

Thursday, July 12:
Giant Robot "Bearing The Unbearable" (Booth 1729)
12:00 - 2:00pm
Hi Fructose "Root Down Print" (Booth 4939)
3:00 - 4:00pm

Friday, July 13:
Munky King "Target" (Booth 4539)
12:00 - 1:30pm
Squid Kids Ink "Emo Bear Murder World" (Booth 5137)

Saturday, July 14:

Munky King "Target" (Booth 4539)
12:00 - 1:30pm

Almost all of these items should be available throughout the week. Please stop by the booths to check on availability.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bearing The Unbearable

In June 2012, Gallery 1988 and Titan Books released my first book "The Art of Luke Chueh - Bearing the Unbearable". The 198 page book documents the first seven years of my career (2003 - 2009).

The book also features exclusive interviews with L Crowsky (Cannibal Flower), Jensen Karp & Katie Cromwell (Gallery 1988), Gary Pressmen (Copro Gallery), Patrick Lam (Munky King), Joel & Josh Madden (Good Charolette), Petr Wentz (Fall Out Boy), and Jan Corey & Bruce Helford (Corey Helford Gallery). I choose these people to contribute because they had some of the biggest and most direct influences on my career.
A limited edition version of the book was also released. Limited to 500 copies this version comes in an anonymous cardboard box (which I've been customizing on the spot), an exclusive print of my first version of "Cut & Stitch" (the very last painting I created in 2009), and a unique signing sheet has been glued into the beginning of the book. 
Finally, I have plans of releasing an artist direct version of the limited with exclusive customized box, and other exclusive materials. For more information on this, please join my mailing list for information as it comes. You can find a form for my mailing list on my website.