Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Designer Toy Award 2013 Nomination

Just found out I was nominated for a Designer Toy Award
I received nominations for Artist of the Year, Best Customizer, Best Resin, Fan Favorite, and Outstanding Production
Though I doubt I'll win anything (simply cause I can think of many other artists who are more deserving of the award), I just wanted to thank those who nominated me. Your support is truly appreciated. 
And if you feel like voting, please stop by designertoyawards.com

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Luke Chueh Rants - A Divulge Magazine Editorial (May 2013)

In April 2013, Divulge Magazine invited me to contribute a monthly column we call "Luke Chueh Rants - A Divulge Magazine Editorial". As the title implies, this is simply a place where I can talk about whatever is on my mind.
Though I am in no way a professional writer/journalist, many of my friends would agree that I have some interesting ideas (beyond the ones I use for my paintings). And being that my forte is visual communication, I'm also planning on creating original graphic editorials too.
And so, I want to say thank you to Divulge Magazine for offering me a place where I can document these thoughts and share them with their audience. I truly hope that this column will help me expand myself, beyond the world of my paintings.
I'd like to give a shout out to my sister, Kim Chueh,  for helping me edit the copy and for taking the photography.
The May 2013 issue will feature my first official contribution.
This months rant is about men who sit like women.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Bartholomew Punchyface Contest

A couple weeks ago, 3D Retro, Scott Tolleson, and I celebrated the release of Bartholomew Punchyface at the Giant Robot gallery. At the party we also had a little contest where we invited attendees to show us how they would torture Bartholomew Punchyface. We started with a simple print out, and let the audience do their thing. Of the contributions, Tolleson and I chose 3 designs as winners, whom we awarded hand embellished prints. (Can you guess which ones we chose?)

For your enjoyment, here are the contributions from the Bartholomew Punchyface - "Show Me A World Of Hurt" contest.
Bartholomew Punchyface is now available for purchase from 3D Retro.