Friday, March 21, 2014

Alcoholic's Anonymous

In December, 2013, my friend and colleague Michael Mararian curated a show called "Bound Requiem". Hosted by Last Rites Gallery, the idea behind the show was to have artists "reinterpret paper bound books into contemporary art pieces".
For this show, I chose to create a painting on the cover of an Alcoholics Anonymous.
This particular copy of AA was given to me while I was checked into a rehab for a substance abuse problem. Though I personally don't have an issue with alcohol in particular, many addicts are referred to the AA book because of the college level writing featured in its pages. (The NA book is written at an elementary school level)
The painting I created is essentially a revisit of my painting "Dirty Martini". The biggest difference being the crucifix toothpick that's impale the head/garnish in the cocktail. I chose to feature this kind of religious imagery because Alcoholics Anonymous (and Narcotics Anonymous) turn to religion as a tool to help addicts come to terms with their humility. Unfortunately, it's this religiousness that I find difficult to accept, and usually kept me from accepting their fellowship.