Friday, July 18, 2014

San Diego Comic Con 2014

Here's my plans products and schedules for this years SDCC.
For this years SDCC, I got my hands on a limited number of "Decapitated Bear Heads (2014)" from my "Heads" show at Clutter Gallery. I'll be selling them to anyone who comes up and asks if they want one. Extremely limited, these heads were cast by hand, and their features were painted on by yours truly. Original retailing for $150 a piece, I'm planning on selling them at a SDCC for $100.
This year Munky King will have a couple new items for sale. The first is our latest major project: "Bitch" and the very limited "Golden Fleece" colorway (limited to 100 pieces, price to be determined). Along with that, we're also going to debut my self produced shaped pillow (limited to 50 pieces, $85 each).
I'll be signing at the Munky King booth on Thursday 11am - 1pm. 
Giant Robot is debuting our "Headspace Series: Father & Fett" prints. These painting were created for the Super Awesome exhibition at Oakland Museum of California, and are a variation on series I started a couple years ago called "Headspace". The series explores all the things that I grew up with or consider an integral part of my being. ($120 for the set)
Because of the interest expressed in this print, we are splitting the run. Fifty will be available at SDCC, and another fifty will be available on line from the Giant Robot website.
I will be signing at Giant Robot's booth on Friday, 12pm - 2pm.

Monday, July 7, 2014


9" x 12"
Acrylic on Wood Panel

This May, I finally created the third installment to my "Street Fighter" series of paintings. Produced for "Game Over", a video game themed group show hosted by Giant Robot.
The foundation for this series comes from one of my more popular paintings: "Possessed". In it, my blood soaked bear is 'possessed' by the devil with a video game controller (Specifically an Atari 2600 controller). The segue between this painting and video game themed narratives seemed only too perfect.
After creating this third painting, it came to me that this might make a fun series of mini figure toys (in the style of Japanese Gashapan/Candy toys). If whoever wants to produce this series wants to do this, then I'm probably going to have to explore another 3 moves. I wonder which ones I should do...