Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Earthquake's, Tsunami's, Fundraiser's, Oh My!

March 19th, 2011, I'll be contributing some stuff to two Japan Earthquake/Tsunami fundraisers.

14" x 11"
Acrylic and Ink on Paper

"Terror from the Sea" was created for "#prayforjapan". Hosted by Japan LA, and curated by Sweet Streets, all sales are donated to Red Cross. This painting was created specifically for this fundraiser and was inspired by the devastation caused by the tsunami.

11" x 14"
Acrylic + Ink

This second painting, "Water Works" is hosted by Giant Robot, and all sales are donated to UNICEF. This painting was originally inspired by and created for a fundraiser for the creation of water pumps that provided drinking water in 3rd world countries. However, due to events in Japan, it was decided to donate towards disaster relief from the earthquake and tsunami.

I also donated one of my last "Possessed" figures from my personal collection for the "Water Works" fundraiser. For more information, please contact Giant Robot

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  1. as usual, your work is perfectly inspired... love "leak"