Thursday, February 23, 2012

Earth Movement

This spring, I contributed a drawing to bay area fundraiser: Earth Movement. To best explain what this show is all about, I grabbed the following information from curator Jeremy Brautman's art blog: I think it best explains the concept of the show better than I could. 
Kokoro Studio is proud to announce “EARTH MOVEMENT,” a group art show featuring young creatives in collaboration with established artists. One year ago last March, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck Japan. It claimed the lives of more than 15,000 people, triggered nuclear accidents and moved earth on its axis. In acknowledgment of the anniversary of the tragic Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, co-curators Jeremy Brautman (age 35) and Cooper Berella (age 12) have assembled a show of support and solidarity from over 50 next generation emerging artists. Each artist (ages 2-16) was invited to collaborate with family and friends on artwork about nature’s powerful forces. There are many ways the earth moves: it spins, it shines, it shakes, it quakes… sometimes its effects are awesome, and other times, they are devastating. EARTH MOVEMENT is a visual conversation about this duality.The exhibition opens in San Francisco on Thursday, March 1st at 7PM for preview and Saturday, March 3rd at 7PM with an opening reception and artists and curators present.
We’ve set up a tumblr site for EARTH MOVEMENT. There you can catch one of our emerging artists in action every day, view the full press release, see the most up-to-date artist roster, read statements from the curators and check out cool toy art we’ll be giving away. A portion of the proceeds from EARTH MOVEMENT will be donated to Arts for Hope in Japan.
Since I personally do NOT have children of my own, I pretty much cheated and collaborated with my kid sister, Kim Chueh (age 33). However, Kim is not a professional illustrator, so I felt that the kind of synergy this show was trying to capture (a Pro's versus Joe's kind of thing) was still maintained, despite us being in the same age group.
Luke Chueh & Kim Chueh
Graphite, Paint Pens on Paper

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  1. THe madness!!! Stop the Madness!!! I absolutely love the look and feel of the illustration.