Monday, December 24, 2012

Hell Lotus Custom

On November 3rd, 2012, Singapore based Mighty Jaxx hosted a custom art show revolving around the "Hell Lotus" toy. Hell Lotus was designed by Clogtwo and produced by Mighty Jaxx. The Hell Lotus Art Show celebrated the first Singaporean designed and produced original vinyl art toy, "The Hell Lotus". Forty two local and international artists were invited to contribute their own rendition or artworks inspired by the Hell Lotus design.
For this custom I choose to not mess with the original design. However, I thought it would be fun to add a sculpt of my signature bear head and have it rest in the Hell Lotus' left hand.
 I also shaved off the original lotus design that was sculpted on its back and painted a bear head in its place. Taking a note from American biker gangs, I treated the top and bottom "rockers" with my brand name "Unbearable" and location "Los Angeles"
The patch on the left arm features the numbers "37". These are my two favorite numbers, probably because I was born on March (3) Seventh (7) 19-7-3.
As of this blog posting, my Hell Lotus custom is still available for purchase from Mighty Jaxx.


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