Monday, August 25, 2014

Chueh vs Konatsu

Dear readers, I'm sorry from being so behind on my blog. I'm currently working on my upcoming solo show (opening this October at Corey Helford Gallery). Anyways, I've been wanting to get these pieces up, so here we go:

On June 28th, 2014, Q Pop hosted Konatsu first major US exhibition.

Here's Q Pop's Press Release:
Konatsu's first Exhibition in the U.S.A.) She invited her artist friends from Japan to do custom painted versions of her figure "Negora". Those talented friends included : Devilrobots, Keiko Miyata, Kenji Fukuda, Nekonoko, Noriya Takeyama, Rampage, Shimomoku, Touma, Yoko Sueyoshi, Yumi Moriwaki, T9G, Koraters, and Dream Rockets.
From the USA side Q Pop invited artists who did more custom painted Negoras to welcome Konatsu.The U.S. artists included: 64 Colors, Amy Sol, Paul Kaiju, Paul Shih, Sket One, Luke Chuen, Squink, J RYU, Becky Dreistadt, Keiko Murayama, Victoria Ying, Jeff Ranjo, Miss Kika, Patrick Awa, Chris Mitchell, Tara Billinger, Fawn Veerasunthon, Magen Mitchell, Jeremiah Ketner, Mari Inukai, Lissa Treiman and Zach Bellisimo.
Here is a photo of the un-customized Negora

And here is what I created for the show:

The way my design came to being started with my colleague J*Ryu who made a resin cast from the original sofubi figure. From there, we were able to block out the face in the mold, thus giving me a surface I could add Magic Sculp clay onto. The punchline to my design are the pair of legs dangling from my kaiju's mouth. That I got from a tiny mini figure I owned.

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