Monday, July 30, 2012

Elementary School Is Hell (Izod, Not Le Tigre)

This August, Munky King will host "Memories Are Made Of This" a group art show curated by friend of the gallery, Super Cooper Berella. The theme of the show is 'childhood memories', and after giving it some thought, I decided to create a piece inspired by my elementary school class photo. In essence, it's a self portrait of me from 1983-85.
The painting features a bear with a classic bowl haircut, standing in front of a classic sky blue background. But the thing that takes me back is the gold and red Izod polo shirt he's wearing. 
Back in the 80's class distinction could be determined by the logo you wore on your shirt (and from what I can tell, things haven't changed after all this time). At the top food chain was Le Tigre (which featured a leaping tiger as a logo) next was Izod (now known as Lacoste, featured the crocodile), and if I recall, the bottom of the barrel was Britannia (whom used the bottom half of a Union Jack as a logo).
Considering the cruelty of children, I caught hell from the Le Tigre kids, and this is why I made sure to include the Izod logo in the painting.
Tragically, this will also be Munky King's last art show at their Melrose location.

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  1. So funny, where I went to school (in Arizona) Izod was at the top and Le Tigre was the poser