Monday, July 30, 2012

Ugly Ugly Doll

 When I was invited to contribute a design to Giant Robot's Ugly Doll Remix Project, I simply couldn't say no. Ugly Doll has grown to icon level status, and the shear simplicity of the design makes it one of the few non-platform toys I consider worth customizing.
When it was time to get to work, I deduced that the one thing the Ugly Doll actually isn't, is "ugly". So, I decided to make mine live up to its name.
I started by stripping it of its playful colors and giving it a beige and pink "flesh tones".  I then painted all its horns and bumps to resemble zits and sores. I finished it off by adding some of my own hair to the tips of its "ears". I call the creation the "Ugly Ugly Doll".

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