Friday, April 25, 2014 is now

When I first started blogging, I blogged under the URL The name of my blog was "Luke-Brow" (a pun on Low-Brow), and I regularly posted show and project information. Unfortunately, because of some lifestyle choices, I began to totally neglected my blog. I don't recall when I last posted to Luke-Brwo, but come 3 years ago, I made another major lifestyle change (this time for the better), and felt that it was time to start blogging again. But rather than dust off Luke-Brow, I wanted to live Tabula Rasa (clean slate). For my new blogs name, I started by taking the latin from my logo (Igneus Gero - To Bear Fire) and used it for my newest blog's URL.
Come April 2014, after mulling over the words "Igneus" and "Gero", I finally decided that the name didn't suit me. I started by changing the Latin in my logo to Igneus Ursus, "The Fiery Bear" (a whole explanation about this change will be coming soon) and now it was time to take back my name.
I started by changing Luke-Brow's URL to, and then I gave to the blog you're currently reading. And now, all is right in my world.
I'm sorry if these actions might have caused you any problems.
Thank you for reading, and I hope you found my explanation acceptable.