Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Making of "Jack" Part 2

On March 7th, 2012, Fully Visual and I will be releasing a new bronze sculpture of "Jack".
Inspired by my painting "Jacked" and the mythological "Jackalope", this sculpture attempts to blend my character design with the classic taxidermic presentation of the Jackalope (stuffed and mounted on a plaque).
Till its release, I'll be regularly presenting images of Fully Visual's process for casting the bronze.

A ceramic slurry is mixed from which a mold (or as they say in the biz, an "investment") is created around the wax. After the wax forms are dipped in slurry, they're coated with a layer sand/silica, allowed to dry, and the process is repeated several times. The finished product is a hard ceramic shell that forms around the wax. Later, these investments will be heated in a kiln and the wax will be melted out. 
The finished investments will serve as a mold for the molten bronze.

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