Thursday, December 9, 2010

Art Basel Miami 2010 (Day 2)

The next day, we got things started by dropping Jim Mahfood off at Art Whino where he was going to rock some panels. Here's the pics I took of the panels for Art Whino that Friday morning.


That evening we also stopped my the "Multiversal" show (or at least that's what I think it was called) where our friend J-Ryu was showing his customized 20" Qee. (Yes, somewhere in the following picture is a 20" Qee)


By the way, there's actually a speaker in there that you can plug into your mp3 player and rock your favorite pipe organ jams!

I found this sign, hung in front of a lot next to Art Whino. So if you have a show idea...
We also stopped by the Art of Basketball show. I don't know why, but every single backboard from this show had sold were all priced $10,000 and higher. The following pictures are a handful of the worthwhile boards I saw. The rest were utter shit. There must be some people in the NBA with absolutely NO taste in art.
However, the ever popular "Shake Shack" were passing out free burgers and flip flops at the show.
At least whoever put the event on had good taste in burgers.


We ended the evening at Club Madonna, a "full service" strip club (or so says one of the strippers) featuring the art of graphic design superstar Ryan McGuiness. Coincidentally, that evening also featured Club Madonna & Miami's very own "Anal Queen" (star of supposedly hundreds of movies, most of which involving the anus).


Miami's "Anal Queen" in action.

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