Sunday, December 12, 2010

Art Basel Miami 2010 (Day 3)

Sorry if you're getting sick of these Art Basel Posts. This is my LAST ONE. PROMISE!

On my 3rd, and second to last day in Miami, Jesse, Rolf, and I finally hit the "Main Show", Art Basel at the Miami Convention Center. Here's some of the stuff I saw that caught my eye.


I was so stoked to see Robert Williams in Basel. This piece is amazing. I literally photographed this at eye level, meaning it's probably 8 feet tall!

Tom Otterness has created a sculpture that illustrates my business model!

Ryan McGuinness, outside of the strip club.

Another sight for sore eyes: MARK RYDEN!

And who says "Lowbrow" has to be character driven?

Barry "Twist" McGee in the house.

Ah... Takashi Murakami. Simply Adorable.

Uh... Takashi Murakami. Simply, umm... (WTF?!)

Goofing off at Basel

And now for a sense of scale

After we wrapped up Basel, we stopped by some more street art show's. It was at these shows when I found LA's very own New Image Art Galleries contribution to Basel.


I also made my way back to Sanrio's "Small Gift - Miami" show where these two pieces caught my eye


Seonna Hong representin'

On my last day in Miami, the gang and I took it easy, stopped by a hip hop show at a bar near the Pulse show. That's where I finally caught a pic of this billboard that has simply amused me throughout the trip.
You've heard of cash for your GOLD, but cash for your Wah...?

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